Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding the Robotics Academy, please contact with us and will respond as soon as possible.

When do the courses start

The Robotics Academy courses start at the start of October

Where do the courses take place

The courses are held in the University of Macedonia. You will be notified for the specific classroom when you complete your registration.

How can I register for an educational program

Firstly browse the educational programs (here) to find the one that interests you.

Next, select the educational program that interests you and read the relative information in each page.

In each page there is a bracket called "Register in course". After you have chosen and read the info on the educational program that interests you, click on the button that takes you to the registration form.

Enter your required information and press Send.

Finally, you have to wait until an Academy representative calls you to ask about which days and hours you are able to attend the course.

If there is an active course that interested you, a confirmation message will be sent on the phone number you filled in the registration form.

What is the duration of the educational programs and how often are they held

The educational programs are held on the days and hours that have been agreed upon after telephone communication with the applicants. The educational programs are weekly and their respective duration is written on each program's page alongside other information for that program.

How are the classes separated

The classes are separated depending on the level of the particiapants. On children courses, class separation is based on their age group.

Do I need special equipment to attend

Any necessary equipment is provided fully by the Robotics Academy in all courses, unless the program's information states otherwise.

Contact with us

If you have questions contact with us.

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