Horizon 2020

About 2,000 educational robots are to be distributed for free in school of the European Union, as stated by a a proposal in a cross-european program, the scientific part of which was designed by the Department of Educational and Social Policy of the University of Macedonia.

The proposal got perfect grading and, consequently, the first place among 207 scientific proposal that were submitted from over 2,100 universities, researches institutions and other organizations, in the highly competitive HORIZON 2020 program of the EU.

The acronym of the scientific proposal is SΤΙΜΕΥ (Science, Technology, Innovation, Mathematics Education for the Youth) and was graded with perfect mark (15 out of 15) in the topic of "MAKING SCIENCE EDUCATION AND CAREERS ATTRACTIVE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE" (H2020-SEAC-2014-2015), a project that bears a total budget sum of 4 million euros and its duration is three years.

The subject of the research team of the Department of Educational and Social Policy of the University of Macedonia, with scientific responsible the assistant professor, Nikolaos Faxantidis, is the study, planning and creation of interactive robots suitable for fullfilling the educational and social goals of the program, that will "grow" alongside the progress of student and will be distributed to students in schools of primary and secondary education in Europe.

As stated by mr. Faxantidis, "In the context of STIMEY, there will be developed innovative technologic and pedagogical methods, that will reinforce students in approaching the STEM sciences in a scientific and social aspect, will actively connect them with informal education practices and also professional associations, while supporting parents and educators at the same time. Overall goal of this project is for student, via the certified course, to obtain knowledge, skills and abilities, gather supplies, self-respect and self-fulfilment, but also the social frame, to be able to choose with success studies and careers in the STEM field".

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